In 1907 began the Vocational Guidance Movement. This movement became a precursor to today's career counseling. Rooted in improving the work conditions, the focus was largely on individual needs and to tune their skills and interests, thus leading them to be the right fit for a career.

With over a millennium through now, jobs have changed considerably while the central themes continue to be developing an awareness of personal skills and interests and learning about career opportunities and requirements.

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A good career guide will make his students see what they can be rather than what they are.

Who We Are

We at Career Cafe equate guidance with real potential of students. We help students to uncover their strengths to lower weakness ,and discover opportunities to overcome threats. Career Counselling is a need as most students pick commonly known domains as their career option.

What We Do

Be it supper, soup or a steaming hot bowl of career guidance, we at career cafe believe the most essential ingredient is- Structure. We blend technology and experienced human resource to enable career success to each and every student we approach. Career Cafe’s counseling has no bias in the career selection process and structured in such a manner the students,Parents and Schools  make an informed career decision leveraging our Career counseling solutions and schema.

Meet Our Team

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Co Founder and Product Officer
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Chief Growth Officer