About Career Cafe

Nelson Mandela famously embarked - “Education is the most powerful weapon which one can use to change the world”. However, education is just one facet of a successful career. Others being individual’s aptitude, interest and personality traits.

We at Career Café are on a mission to encourage the dreams of our children through our Career Guidance Program. We aim to sow the seeds based on their interest and skills, nurture their path and help them reap the fruits of success.
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How do we work?

Structured Guidance


An inquisitive session with your Personal Career Expert to explore your career queries, evaluate alternative options and discuss growth prospects.
Does it really fit you well? Is it your dream career?


With your enrollment, your Personal Career Expert undertakes to handhold you through the process and help you tread the path to your dream career.
In your success, lies our success.


Determining the outcomes from your inquiry, your Personal Career Expert will assist you to plan a strategy to aid you in your life changing career decisions.
You definitely deserve the BEST!


Fasten your seat belts. Fuel your aspirations with hard work and determination. You are on a Career Exploration.
Bon Voyage!

Our Services

For Students

With our therapeutic relationship to provide complete support and guidance, every student is motivated to knock on the doors of their life theme to transform into career goals.


For Schools

We incubate our Career Guidance Program at like-minded institutes who would like to tread away from the beaten path of template curriculum and make a difference in every student’s life.


How to chart a successful career voyage with

Career Cafe' 5 structure

Here is the secret sause


Unscrambling on the same page at the orientation session, the mentors introduce the students to the diversified careers and indulge them in pondering, whether their interests are consistent with their capabilities and personality.


The career assessment, the detailed report, and introspection unearths the students' passion, talents, abilities and interests that remain concealed or undiscovered and shortlist possible spheres for the student to explore.


The Online Personal Dashboard arm the students with all the information including competence, competitive exams, scholarships and much more, on the shortlisted careers and alternate options.


Experts from respective fields and profession interact with students via interactive seminars & webinars while inspiring them with the extraordinary experiences through their journey to achieve the goals.


A curated curriculum to interpret the student competent to match the ideal career with technology, diversity, handle modern job opportunities and maintain occupational awareness.

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